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About the Project
The Tourism Sector Development Programme funded under the European Special Framework of Assistance (SFA 2006)  is a two year tourism programme implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs (MT & LA).  The  main objective of the programme is to improve on the competitiveness of the tourism sector in Dominica.  The programme seeks to build the necessary linkages between tourism and the agricultural and rural sectors and increase Dominica’s presence in the market place through increased marketing and promotions.  Technical assistance is also undertaken for the strengthening of the main tourism institutions. The first year of the programme focussed on developing community tourism products in the communities of Portsmouth, Mero, Layou, Wotten Waven, Eggleston/Giraudel and Bellevue Chopin. The second year added community groups in Sineku, Freshwater Lake, Vieille Case (Itassi), Mahaut (Rodney's Rock) and the South East. Assistance was given to these communities in the areas of infrastructural development, human resource development and business planning, package and tour development and marketing. Destination marketing is presently being undertaken in the key markets of Europe and the Caribbean and a range of collateral material including brochures, backdrops and DVDs have been developed to aid in the marketing of the destination.

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